How To: Be Productive

This post may be hypocritical considering I have not posted in quite sometime, but I came across this article and hopefully things will change now that I know the secret.
Aside from 4 classes with reading homework and art making, I am interning 18 hours a week for credit for school.  I have absolutely no complaints except for the fact that I don’t have enough time in a day to get everything I want to get done, done.
I could go on and on about the time I don’t have to post or anything else I want to do because, let’s be honest, school comes first, so I will get to the point.
The internship I’m doing is part of school so each week I need to check in and answer questions or tell about my week. This week I was asked to read the article 7 Things Highly Productive People Do and respond to it.   I’m totally on point with some of the tips, and others, not so much.  Now that I know what to do, hopefully I will be more productive as will you.



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