Craft Marathon

There was a time when I was still in school that I had the time to do things besides homework and thesis projects; a time when I hosted a weekly craft night for friends.  But the ratio of free time to school time was far too little to allot time for craft night.  The weight of school work also impacted my friends as well, leaving us with mustered up creativity and no time to let it out. By the beginning of our last semester in college we began to become irritable due to lack of crafting happening in our lives. Maddy and I felt we needed to do something about it, so we planned a party.  We had to hold out for 5 more months of school, but everyone worked hard to get it all done.  And after our hard work, we let loose all of our creativity at my place for a CRAFT MARATHON.

    -Photos by Joe Scordo

I sent out an invitation via facebook explaining my intentions of the Craft Marathon. I made a list of materials I would supply and things I recommend bringing.

Basic supplies:

Limited supply of:
patterned/oragami paper

Items you should bring:
x-acto knife
embroidery floss
knitting needles
found objects

I encouraged everyone to bring their own craft idea, so that they had all the materials they needed.  I also made a list of ideas incase they had makers-block.  I provided a description and project list for each project. I had originally planned it in the park, so we can do group activities such as sun-prints and paper making. It ended up being in my apartment, which worked out well because all of my supplies were all there.

Project ideas:
-BRAIDED RUG FROM OLD SHIRTS/FABRIC-google search diy braided rug.
They're really cool and super easy to make. so if you think you 
might want to make one *BRING OLD SHIRTS* 

-SOAP CARVING- some of you have made them before, they are fun, 
easy and decorative. *BRING A BAR OF SOAP AND A CARVING TOOL 

-SCULPEY CLAY DECORATED OBJECTS-*link below* you can make a design 
with sculpey clay then stick it onto a heat resistant object and 
bake it for a long lasting decoration. (BAKING MUST BE DONE IN A 
TOASTER OVEN i have one or you can bring it home and do it, 
instructions will be given later) *BRING AN OBJECT(able to fit in a 
toaster oven), and 1 OR 2 OR 5 PACKS OF SCULPEY CLAY (found at any 
craft or art supply store.) I will have SOME but not enough for 
** Objects you may want to bring:
BIC pen (basic white body only
mason jar
glass jars
salt shakers
plastic light switch plate

-WEAVING-weaving is very relaxing and mindless. unless you want to 
make a design with it. I will have a limited supply of yarn/ 
string. there are various different ways of weaving (ie: on a loom
 orweaving into burlap) I have tons of burlap and 2 cardboard 

And finally, after many hours of crafting, here is everyone hard at work and some projects they created!

I hope you enjoyed this post and it helps you in planning your own craft marathon!  Let me know how it goes, please.
xxx Mi5s G

Verry Merry Holiday Party

There is no better way to get all my friends together than planning a party three days before the party date.  With a little negative reinforcement, I was happy to have all of them reluctantly contribute to the party with a snack or some wine.

Our fabulous spread featured Mitch’s Pink Guac, Maddy’s Bean Salad (Christmas style) , Matt’s, Joe’s and Ashley’s Magical Rice Krispie Treats, and my Sugar Cookies with Pomegranate frosting.

With delicious food, a great playlist from DJ Auston, 2 short hours of snow flake making and paper-chain linking, a borrowed Canon 5D and best friends, we certainly enjoyed ourselves.






Tea Party Time

Today I hosted my 2nd annual tea party!

Ever since I was a little girl, my mother has ALWAYS had a cup of tea in her hand.  Everyone always talked about their mom getting a morning cup of coffee, but mine had a cup of tea, and I thought she was special for that.  That’s why I drink tea now, I much prefer it to coffee anyway.  As I’ve grown older, I have found I enjoy hosting and entertaining guests.  Tea parties seemed like a good idea to me, so last winter I planned a tea party for my friends.  I got rave reviews, so I decided to make it a yearly tradition.

There are many traditions, etiquettes and particular ways about a tea party. One of the most misunderstood facts about tea party etiquette is that one should lift their pinky when sipping one’s tea.  NOT TRUE!  I don’t follow many of the traditions because I don’t expect my guests to know them, but this one I do.

My tea parties are small gatherings, so I break out my mom’s china and set the table for my guests.

I serve traditional items such as scones, tea sandwiches and, of course, tea.

I make raspberry scones and a few plain, served with clotted cream.  This year, unfortunately, I couldn’t find any so I use a quick, easy and delicious alternative: sour cream and sugar.

The most traditional tea sandwich is cucumber and cream cheese.  Many people are turned off by it, but it’s delicious, trust me, I had to make more for my guests earlier today.  There were four sandwiches on my menu today:
1. Cucumber and cream cheese with scallions
2. Hummus with red bell peppers
3. Peanut butter and jelly
4. Turkey and tomato with mayo
All sandwiches were served on 7 grain bread, with the crust cut off and cut into triangles.
When making your own tea sandwiches, get creative, but also keep it simple.  Don’t put too much, or too many layers.

This is my cup of english breakfast tea.  I thought I wouldn’t have enough tea cups for everyone, so I used one I got for Christmas from my sister.
Serving tea can be tricky at a tea party.  It is suggested to brew a whole pot of one type of tea, then boil a pot of water if someone would like a different kind.
I find it easier to boil a kettle of water and have my guests choose their own bag of tea.
Sam enjoying her tea!                       When we finished, we played poker

Hajera, Jenna, me, Sam, Kristina and Christine.  A toast to a successful tea party!

I hope you enjoyed this post and begin to plan your own tea party!  Let me know if you have any questions about hosting your own tea party, and please share details of your party.

xxx G