turkish map fold instructions

My book making teacher, Ellen, made this amazing compilation of different folds and book bindings for the class to purchase.  Of course I bought it, and boy am I happy about it! In the book there are instructions for the turkish map fold, which I used for one of my books.  It is such a beauiful fold that looks complicated but it super easy!  Try it out yourself :)

square piece paper (rectangles can also work with careful measuring)
bone folder

step 1- using your bone folder, fold your piece of paper diagonally in both directions, with the image (if any) facing itself

step 2-  open the paper, turn it over and fold the piece of paper in half the other way so the image is facing out.

step 3- unfold it and turn it back over so the point is facing up, and push the horizonal fold inward

step 4- fold the top two points inward, meeting in the cetner.  flip it over and do the same thing on the other side

step 5- invert the folds of the four points so they are tucked on the inside

happy folding.

xx g


etching book: doll house interior

Not only am I a maker of everything, but I’m an art student, which means I have duties to fulfill. This semester I’m taking an independent study for etching and made this little book using the turkish map fold.


inside detail- library and bathroom

inside detail- bedroom and living room

inside detail- kitchen